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  In most instances, treatment begins on the first visit. The treatments our doctor gives are gentle and effective. Your treatment plan will be tailored to your individual needs to help you reach your desired level of health in as short a time as possible.  
Chiropractic Adjustments Exercise Instruction & Rehabilitation
Ultrasound Therapy TENS
Electrical Muscle Stimulation Massage
Nutritional Counseling Traction
Cryotherapy Orthopedic Supports
Moist Heat Therapy    
  Chiropractic Adjustments :  
We provide advanced spinal correction utilizing traditional manual hands-on techniques, or low-force instrument-based techniques, depending on the patient’s condition and preference. Treatment methods are safer, comfortable and more effective than ever before.
  Physiotherapies :  
Used to complement and enhance chiropractic adjustments. Physiotherapies promote relaxation, improve circulation to aid healing, and reduce muscle tightness, spasms and pain. A prescription for massage therapy may be ordered when more extensive soft tissue work is necessary.
  Nutritional Counseling :  
  Our staff dietitian [R.D.] can provide specific recommendations on nutrition and healthy food choices for optimal health. Nutritional programs are based on individual needs.  
  Exercise Instruction & Exercise Rehabilitation :  
We prescribe individualized exercise and conditioning programs for our patients that are designed to help strengthen and correct their own unique problem(s). These programs incorporate techniques such as core strengthening and Pilates, under the supervision of the doctor and our on-staff exercise physiologist. In some instances, a prescription for a health club membership may be ordered, and/or portable home exercise equipment prescribed.
  Orthopedic Supports :  
Back and neck braces, orthopedic pillows, arch supports, and other orthopedic devices are prescribed as necessary. Dr. Ross may prescribe home treatment using a portable TENS unit, or other assistive devices.
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