Ice Out means warmer weather and lots of outdoor activities

It’s official! The ice has ‘gone out’ on Lake Calhoun as of April 29th, 2013. This sets a new MN record for lateness. Ice out conveys the arrival of warmer weather and soon the lakeside trails will be crowded with all manner of people on the move.

In fact, running injuries are among the most common sports conditions treated here at Calhoun Chiropractic Clinic. While a full list of running-r…elated injuries is simply too long to post, some of our more commonly seen maladies includes: Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Runner’s Knee, Ankle Sprains, tendonitis, shin splints and plantar fasciitis.

Calhoun Chiropractic treats all of these and more, though the best advice we can give in this post is: Avoid Injuries before they begin.

The majority of running injuries occur from overtraining. Don’t go too far, too fast, too often. Get enough rest and vary your exercise.

Cardiovascular training, fitness training and weight loss can be accomplished in many different ways. That said, it’s a challenge in long distance running because to get better, you have to log the miles.

General tips:

• Progress in mileage and speed should be gradual, aim to increase distance by 10% per week.

• Intersperse easy and difficult speed/distance days.

• Substitute at least one non-running exercise day per week and have at least one rest day.

• One week per month, reduce your total weekly mileage.

• Stretch regularly. Watch your shoes for abnormal or uneven wear patterns.

• Above all else, pain is a warning sign. Stop running and consult us immediately.

Get out there, enjoy the outdoors, and Good Running.

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