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Quick comments on New Balance 650 “Pulse”

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

I was going through my 2011 shoe demos here at the end of the year when I found this pair of New Balance 650’s in the back of the training room closet.

I put around 45 miles on these and two 5K races around mid-summer, one of which was the Minnesota Heart Institute road race on the streets circling the Braemar Golf Course in Edina, MN.

What characterizes these shoes are a rather firm sole and little by the way of external foam or shock absorption. The outsole is attached directly to the shoe body with any shock absorption thus coming from the internal sole structure.

In use, the shoes are very firm with little shock absorption, not quite on the order of track flats/cleats but nearly so. Combined with the hard rubber outsole, they were quite noisy, too.

At the same time they are not outstandingly lightweight.

Around the 2 mile mark the shoes tended to build up internal friction and the sole became somewhat uncomfortably warm on most every run.

Overall these would be reasonably fair short distance racing shoes at moderate cost, but I would not recommend them.

New Balance 650 “Pulse” @ 40 miles:


60 miles with Gel Nimbus 13

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

We are firmly into the winter/indoor running season and I’ve put 60 miles on a pair of Asics Gel Nimbus 13 over the last three weeks. This is 100% treadmill mileage and the results have been spectacular in terms of comfort.

Granted, a large component of indoor running comfort belongs to the treadmill platform itself, but the Gel Nimbus 13’s are excellent all the way around. Highly stable and all mileage thus far with zero hip, knee or foot pain. They have been comfortable on my ACL injury as well.

They run neutral with good forefoot landing comfort and a very comfortable stride. The laces have good bite, I’m running them a bit loose but they’ve not come undone during a run. Internal friction is mild with little heat build up and no foot numbness noticed at distances up to 6 miles.

Quite light for a training shoe. These aren’t ultralight or minimalist by any stretch, but for a serious mid distance training shoe, look no further.

Asics Gel Nimbus 13 @ 60 miles: